The Book


In the first edition of this book, published in 2003, I set out to examine and compare all available accounts, folklore and earlier research into the mystery and the area in which it happened. I then developed theories of my own as to what might really have happened to King John and his treasure in the bleak Lincolnshire marshes nearly 800 years ago.

Since publishing the first edition, I have been contacted by many people with additional information and theories about the loss of the treasure and the death of King John. I am most grateful to everyone who has contacted me, and having looked into their information have, where appropriate, included it in the second and now third editions.

This third edition continues my objective of compiling the most complete and in depth study into the subject available, and includes new research and theories surrounding the mystery, together with additional photographs.

The book is published by Tucann Design and Print (Unit 9, Five Mile Lane Business Park, Lincoln LN4 1BF).

ISBN No. 987-1-907516-33-7


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